Creeting St Mary CEVAP School "They shall soar on eagles' wings"


Reception ClassroomThe school is able to welcome 12 pupils into each year group.  We try to meet the preferences of parents/carers but this cannot be guaranteed.

Applications can be made either using a written application form, CAF1, (available from School) or online (see Applying for a school place in Suffolk).  

Applicants should also fill in a Supplementary Information Form if they wish membership of a Christian or other faith community to be taken into account. SIF 2017/18

Applications during the school year will be considered if there is a place available.

Applications for the school year beginning in September 2017 should be made by Sunday 15th January 2017.

Full details of admission arrangements are given in the school Admission Policies


Admission Policy 2015/2016  For admission from September 2015

Admissions Policy 2016/2017  For admission from September 2016

Admission Policy 2017/2018 For admissions from September 2017


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School Prospectus