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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Reports

Our most recent Ofsted was conducted on 1st March 2017. The inspector was able to report that the school continues to be good. She wrote to Mrs Friar in her report, "Since your appointment as headteacher in September 2016, the school has been given a renewed vigour and energy so that the school’s motto, ‘Anything is possible’, is demonstrated throughout the school. You have swiftly identified areas where the school could improve and set about putting changes in place to do this."

Mrs Friar has commented, "I am incredibly proud to be the Head Teacher of Creeting school. I am surrounded by a dedicated team of staff who have worked extremely hard since September to rise to every challenge set and I'm pleased to see that their contributions and support have been recognised in the report."

Our latest Ofsted Report - March 2017

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SIAMS Reports


As Church of England School, the school is also inspected under SIAMS, Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. (Previously known as SIAS)  The most recent inspection took place on 10th March 2017.

The inspector concluded,

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Creeting St Mary as a Church of England school are good

  • The school, under the leadership of the headteacher, operates as a Christian community which is inclusive and welcoming, encouraging all to use their God-given talents.
  • A strong sense of community means that pupils and families feel supported and nurtured.
  • Pupils are well behaved, care for each other and demonstrate the Christian values of love and respect on a daily basis.

You can read the full report here SIAMS Report 2017

Mrs Friar also received a letter from Bishop Martin Seeley congratulating the school on the inspection result and speaking in very positive terms of RE and worship in the school. You can see the letter here. SIAMS Letter


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