Creeting St Mary CEVAP School "They shall soar on eagles' wings"


Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education (RE) is a core subject that lies at the heart of our curriculum at Creeting St Mary CEVAP School. This is recognised by the whole school community. 

We believe that RE should be of the highest standard, always striving for excellence and secondly, that it should reflect our school’s distinctive Christian character.

Religious Education supports the values of the school curriculum, promoting truth, justice, respect for all and care of the environment, placing specific emphasis on pupils valuing themselves and others. It supports the aims of the school curriculum, providing opportunities for the development of knowledge, skills and understanding, promoting an enquiring approach and developing the capacity of pupils to evaluate their own views, and those of others.

All of our RE teaching is based on the Emmanuel Project which is produced by the local diocese.

For more information about how we teach RE in our school, please see our RE policy and our RE Long-Term Plan. Information on the Emmanuel Project can be found on the diocesan website: